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I am running out of ideas for new articles on the wiki. Please comment with your ideas!! (PS, if you make your suggested pages yourself, please follow the format)

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I'll make new pages sometime, I'm just lazy and my computer's crashed again. :( (using other computer with painful keyboard.)

Look a Cryptid Wiki, It's Something Wiki, Beast of Bala and other websites. There are still plenty more cryptids to make. How about Tsuchinoko, Beast of Bodmin Moor, Mapinguari, Sea Monk, and even discovered cryptids like Bondegezou?

On an unrelated note, would you contribute to a wiki where you get to come up with your own cryptids and sightings? I've been contemplating creating a Create-A-Cryptid Wiki and maybe have a partnership with Cryptid Wiki and your wiki.

Is that weird?


No, it isn't weird. I would love to contribute! Also, after Kalanoro is finished, I think I'll add a Mapinguari page. Thanks!!

Cool! I'll probably make the wiki soon.


Just tell me when you do. :)

Probably sometime after Sunday, because, ComicCon. :D

If you don't mind, could you start posting some of your made-up cryptids on my wall, maybe?


Sure, just give me time to think of some

Remember, they can be as weird as you want them to be. :P

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