The Alkali Lake Monster is a strange lake monster from Walgren Lake, Nebraska. The lake was originally named Alkali Lake, which explains the creature's name. The cryptid, like many others, was known to natives of the region for hundreds of years. While Native Americans warned settlers of "horned serpents" in the area, they didn't believe the tales. At least, they didn't until 1917, when the first modern sightings occurred. Then, sightings all but stopped in the 1920s.

Appearance & DescriptionEdit

The Alkali Lake Monster was 4o feet long, with flippers like a mosasaur or crocodile. It has a pointed head like either creature above, and its most significant feature is a large horn between its eyes.


The Alkali Lake Monster was thought to be a large crocodile, or maybe a relict mosasaur. Whatever the theory, the Alkali Lake Monster is thought to be extinct.

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