Chilean Manta-Man
Mysterious manta man tv sketch
Description Flying Humanoid
First Sighting Modern day
Last Sighting Modern day
Country Chile
Habitat Northern Chile

A strange, carnivorous creature, the Chilean Manta-Man has scared a good number of people throughout northern Chile. It is known to devour domestic dogs.

Appearance & Description Edit

The Chilean Manta-Man is described as a large, humanoid creature, with leathery wings stretched between its limbs,  like a manta ray's fins. It is at least 7 feet tall, and has a short tail. The wings are sometimes jagged, and the back is humped.

Theories/Explanations Edit

The Chilean Manta-Man is thought to be a surviving pterosaur, or maybe a strange bat. Others have suggested a connection to the North American Mothman

Extraña criatura voladora es vista en Parque Bustamante07:10

Extraña criatura voladora es vista en Parque Bustamante

A recreation of a sighting (news report in Spanish)

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