Con rit as crustacean, Tim Morris

The Con Rit as an unknown arthropod

The Con Rit is a strange cryptid from the waters around Southeast Asia. It is known from a body of sightings, both ancient and modern, as well as one beached carcass. Its name means "millipede" or "centipede"

Appearance & DescriptionEdit

The Con Rit is over 100 feet long. It is covered with bony, dermal plates like an armadillo, and has a great deal of fins or flippers running down both its side. Due to the great deal of splashing caused by the flippers, the head of the Con Rit is rarely seen.


The Con Rit is thought by some to be an unknown type of whale. Others think that it is a large form of crustacean or other arthropod.

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