A summary of cryptozoology

Cryptid Tidbits Wiki is a wiki devoted to any and all things cryptozoology! Be it Bigfoot, Mothman, or the Nandi Bear, you'll find it here!

Cryptid Details

Cryptids, my undereducated reader, are any animals (and sometimes plants) that may or may not exist. These include (but aren't limited to) those mentioned above. The basic categories for these are:

  • Distribution anomalies, creatures outside of where they normally live
  • Undescribed, unusual, or outsized variations of known species
  • Survivals of recently extinct species
  • Survivals of species known only from the fossil record into modern times
  • Animals not known from the fossil record but related to known species
  • Animals not known from the fossil record nor related to any known species

However, Cryptids DON'T include

  • Aliens: Cryptids are creatures of THIS world, not others
  • Insignificant Stuff: No articles on the strangely-colored cat you once saw
  • Supernatural: Magical creatures (zombies, fairies, unicorns, etc.) aren't cryptids
Featured Articles (September 2018)

The Chupacabra (translating to the "Goat Sucker) is a strange entity found throughout Latin America, as well as Texas, California, Oklahoma and other southern US states. It is described as 3-5 feet tall, with scaly skin and, sometimes, a layer of fur. The Chupacabra is bipedal, and has clawed hands and feet. Spines run down the Chupacabra's back, and it has skin flaps or wings under its arms. A series of spikes stick out of the creature's spine. The Chupacabra is mainly nocturnal, and appears to hate light. The creature is also known as Chupacabras or El Chupacabra

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