Flashlight Frogs, from Cameroon, Africa. Often coming together in large groups of hundreds to nearly thousands of individuals, the overwhelming poison of their venomous saliva can prove deadly. They are thought to be related to another African frog cryptid, the Blue-Nosed Frog.

Appearance & DescriptionEdit

Flashlight Frogs are pale, 3-6 inch long frogs. They have small horns on their noses that glow red in the dark. The bioluminescence is used to attract insects, which it eats. Its tongue is small, yellow, and coated in poisonous saliva.


Bioluminescence (light generated by living organisms) exists in many creatures, and wouldn't be impossible in amphibians. Flashlight Frogs are believed to be a new species of frog or toad, that developed bioluminescence as a way to catch prey.