The Khaiyr Beast is a strange, almost unimaginable cryptid from Lake Khaiyr, Russia. This semi-aquatic, herbivorous beast does not fit the normal depictions of lake monsters very well at all.

Appearance & DescriptionEdit

While most sightings of the Khaiyr Beast are limited to humps or blobs on the lake surface, more detailed sightings show an almost unexpainable monstrosity. It is described as a massive, long-necked, blackish-blue, reptilian quadruped with a heavy tail and a lizard-like head with two, tiny supra-orbital horns. The creature’s most distinguishing attribute, however, was the squat, triangular fin (supported by vertical rays) that ran down the length of its spine, not unlike a dimetrodon.


The Khaiyr Beast is thought to be a form of strange plesiosaur. Howerer, some aspects (such as the herbivorous, grass-eating behavior, the fin, and the legs) suggest otherwise.  Dr. G. Rukosuyev , a man who saw the creature, suggested it could be a surviving icthyosaur. However, the shark-like appearance of icthyosaurs doesn't quite fit the desciption of the Khaiyr Beast, either.

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