Nepal Dragon, William Rebsamen

Regarded as a "dragon" in local folklore, the Limbless Dragon is a simply massive creature from Himalayan jungle valleys in Nepal. Locals claim it is rarely seen, but, when it is seen, its never mobile.

Appearance & Description Edit

The Limbless Dragon has the color and texture of a massive log. Not possessing any legs, arms, or wings, it has a body that is over 40 feet long and 6.5 feet around. Most noticeable of all are the jaws. This mystery reptile's were extremely long, greatly resembling a crocodile's jaws. When they are fully open, yielding a gape wide enough for a 6.5-ft-tall human to stand inside! These jaws remain open while the creature is still. When prey (usually a water buffalo or other large animal) comes near, the Limbless Dragon lunges, snapping up its prey. Also, the eyes are said to glow in the dark, to lure in prey.

Theories/Explanations Edit

It has been proposed that the Limbless Dragon is some form of massive jawed snake, or a form of legless lizard. Might it even be a unique limbless species of terrestrial crocodilian, highly specialized for this cryptic, motionless lifestyle?