Loveland Frogman
Description Humanoid frog
First Sighting 1955
Last Sighting 1985
Country USA
Habitat Rivers
The Loveland Frogmen are frog-like cryptids from Ohio. They were seen mostly between 1950 and 1975. One sighting made by a police officer was exaggerated by the media. The news said that a humanoid frog rowed a bike and smoked, but the officer said the frog simply crawled across the road and looked at the officer.

Appearance & DescriptionEdit

The Loveland Frogman looks like a large, humanoid frog. Their colors vary between green, brown, and blue. They are roughly 3 feet tall, and walk on either 4 legs or 2.

Theories/Explanations Edit

The Loveland Frogman is widely thought to be a hoax, but it has also suggested it could be an amphibian or reptile evolved to bipedal life. This could also be due to the pollution in Lake Erie causing mutations

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