Metapec 3d

In May of 2007, Mexican farmers found a strange creature alive in a rat trap. After the creature started to scare them, they killed it. The Metepec Creature, as it was called, was thought to be an alien. Others thought it could be a Chupacabra. Urso Ruiz, the man who "found" the creature, let scientists from multiple labs across the globe run DNA tests. Eventually, the DNA showed the creature to be some sort of New World monkey, specifically a buffy tufted marmoset. Ruiz eventually admitted to performing taxidermy on a marmoset to look like the alien creature.

Appearance & DescriptionEdit

The Metepec Creature was about the size of a large rabbit. It was completely hairless, with dexterous front paws and a long tail. It had two forward-facing eyes, giving it stereoscopic vision and likely indicating that it had predatory habits. Its head resembles that of the well-known Grey aliens, which suggested a connection.

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