The Ozark Howler (otherwise called the Howler, the Black Howler, or the Devil Cat), a large, shaggy-haired bear-sized monster from Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas, is thought by most people to be a hoax. This is due to a university student's bet on whether or not he could fool the scientific community. He sent e-mails to a group of cryptozoologists, with images and other "evidence" attached. All of this was proven to be hoaxes. However, sightings existed before the prank, and still persist.

Appearance & Description Edit

The Ozark Howler is a bear-sized dog or cat. It is covered in long black or brown, shaggy hair. The Ozark Howler has horns, and has a face like a human or an ape. Its call is a combination between a wolf's howl and an elk's bray.

Theories/Explanations Edit

The Ozark Howler is most commonly thought to be a hoax. However, those that do believe it exist think it may be a new species of short-faced dog or cat. The occasional lack of horns is placed down to gender differences.