River Dinos
Description Living dinosaur
First Sighting 1935
Last Sighting Present
Country U.S.A.
Habitat Alongside rivers

River Dinos, also called Prairie Devils, River Lizards, Oklahoma Raptors or Mini Rexes, are small, bipedal, lizard-like creatures from the U.S. Their range is typically from southern Colorado till Texas. The 4 names above are used more popularly in different areas. The name "River Dinos" comes from the numerous sightings near bodies of water.


The most famous photo of a River Dino.

Appearance & DescriptionEdit

River Dinos look like 3-foot tall dromaeosaurs (dinosaurs like Velociraptor or Deinonychus), but more people than not say they look more like small, two-legged lizards. They are typically green or brown, and sometimes have feathers


While River Dinos are most often thought to be living dromaeosaurs, some say they are simply a new species of bipedal lizard. Bipedal lizards do exist, such as the basilisk lizard, but they don't live in the right area, and can only run bipedally for short bursts.