Sarmatian Sea Snail
Baltic beast
Description Strange snail
First Sighting 16th century
Last Sighting 16th century
Country Baltic Sea
Habitat Coasts
Sarmatian sea snail

A more eccentric depiction

A strange creature, one not seen since the 1500s, the Sarmatian Sea Snail is found in Europe's Baltic Sea.

Appearance & DescriptionEdit

The Sarmatian Sea Snail was reportedly large, with a whorled shell and a tail. While all gastropods have a "stomach foot", this cryptid reportedly had "paws". The most noticeable feature was the large, deer-like antlers bore upon its head. At the end of each antler branch was a small, spherical bulb, resembling pearls. While other gastropod's eyes sit upon optical stalks, this snail's eyes sat laterally upon its head. Even more oddly about their eyes, was the fact that they "glew like candles". The Sarmatian Sea Snail was also an amphibious creature. (An interesting note: while both images shown fit the description, the 1st shows a more likely creature)


The Sarmatian Sea Snail is thought to be a (now extinct) new species of sea snail.